Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Massie Update from Nairobi

Hello family and friends,

Since our last update, we have moved into a furnished apartment in Nairobi.  We knew we would be here for almost a month and it was much more cost effective and convenient (for cooking) to be in an apartment.  Kevin ventured out to look around at different ones in the city.  He found this complex and looked at a small efficiency.  We made a deposit and returned after the weekend to move in.  To our amazement, we had been upgraded to a very spacious TWO bedroom TWO bath apartment.  At the time, we didn’t realize that our indigenous director, Romano, from Torit would be staying with us for about 2 weeks.  He arrived and I said, “This room and bath were meant for you!”  It has been wonderful having him stay here as he and Kevin have been coordinating the supplies and orphanage plans till late in the evenings.  It has also been great to build community with him.  We have begun our little “family” and community that will be building a life and orphanage together in Torit.
            I have been learning my way around Nairobi and Abigail and I have enjoyed walking to the store to get groceries for meals.  It feels more like home to be able to cook in my “own” kitchen, even if it is temporary.  I have also enjoyed creating recipes that I will be able to make in Sudan
            We made our BIG Nakumatt (neighborhood Walmart) run yesterday to get our personal home supplies to outfit our tent and kitchen.  A staff person walked around with us and wrote down the item numbers for each item we wanted and then, went and pulled the items off the shelf for us.  He was very patient as we made our tedious decisions of the items we would want and need.  At the checkout, several staff boxed up the items carefully to ensure safe shipment and had them delivered to our warehouse where we are staging ALL the supplies Romano and Kevin have been collecting for our 40ft. truck.  They will begin loading that tomorrow.
            We have met several missionary families that live in Sudan that have been in Nairobi for a conference.  I bumped into one family that has 3 young boys today in Nakumatt.  We have been following many Sudan missionary blogs and I recognized the woman.  It was neat to meet them and they gave Abigail and I a ride back to the apartment. 
Our supply truck should be leaving in the next couple of days.  In Africa, not much runs on schedule!  Please pray for the truck’s safe travels and delivery.  Romano will be riding with it.  He can help negotiate crossing the border into Sudan.  We are eager to get settled and begin our life in Moti.    We will keep you posted as to when we will be leaving Nairobi
(The pictures are of us in Birmingham airport before boarding the plane and of Abigail meeting Romano.  He was like family immediately!)

Blessings and love,

Kevin, Shalene, and Abigail

Friday, January 8, 2010

Greetings from Nairobi!

We arrived safely last night.  It is great to be back in Africa!  As the plane landed in Nairobi, I (Shalene) was surprised by my emotion.  Tearfully I looked at Kevin and said, “We are home, well almost!”


We were welcomed at the airport by our trusted taxi driver friend and his wife with a bouquet of 44 roses!  It was a warm welcome!


We continue to be amazed at Little Abigail.  She did wonderful on the trip!  She didn’t sleep very much on the planes or in the airports because she loves seeing new people and new things.  We fully expected her to have a melt down by the time we were driving from the airport to the guest house.  She looked SO exhausted.  But, she just looked up at us with those big blue eyes as if to say, “When will this be over and I can sleep in my own bed?”  We wonder if she will show signs of jet lag in the next few days.  Pray we will all recover well and quickly!  


Continue to pray that all the logistics will go well with buying supplies, connecting with some people here in Nairobi, and running many errands.


Thank you all for your prayers for our journey.  They are truly felt!



Monday, January 4, 2010

Massie's are flying out tomorrow!

Hello Friends and Family,


We have one more night left in the US before we embark on our journey to Africa!  We are eager, excited, and sad.  We fly out at 3:00p.m. tomorrow.  Please pray for our travel, rest, and smooth logistics for the next few weeks as we will be in Nairobi gathering supplies for Sudan.  Continue to pray for the food shortage in Sudan.  Continue to pray for the Sudan election coming up in April. Pray for the beginning stages of construction and hiring of staff for the new orphanage in Torit.  Please pray that we will remain faithful as we begin and carry out the call God has on our lives!  Thank you for your continued prayer and support!


Much love and Joy,


Kevin, Shalene, baby Abigail