Friday, December 11, 2009

Massie Update - Meet Romano, our Director in Torit

Shalene and I recently returned from a trip to North Carolina where we
shared Thanksgiving with her family. We also made a Sunday visit to
Blacksburg. Thank you for the warm reception at Dwelling Place.

In our last update we shared about our plans to work in the village of
Torit, starting a new orphanage there to protect children from the
Lord's Resistance Army. Today I want to introduce you to Romano, the director of this work. Having a local director truly leading the work is a critical part of Make Way Partners ministry model. Romano was born in Torit, and in Sudanese culture this gives his work there an immediate legitimacy that is necessary for a successful ministry.

As a teenager Romano was conscripted to fight in the military. After
leaving the army, he had the opportunity to pursue education. He has
completed Bible training programs and has served as a pastor with the
local church. While there Romano started a children's ministry at the
church in Torit, and secured the land for an orphanage on the faith that one day he would be able to open one. In addition to his work with the church in Torit, Romano has trained many pastors throughout Sudan with another mission called African Leadership.

Romano is married to Susan and they have two small children.

Romano is a passionate evangelist and pastor. Pray that he might boldly proclaim the gospel as he ministers in and around Torit. Pray also for wisdom in his interaction with the community, as he is on the
front line in all of our work with government and the community.

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