Monday, March 28, 2011

Members of the United Nations Bring Joy to Hope for Sudan

In the midst of increased tension and chaos in parts of Southern Sudan, members of the UN took time to visit our children.  The UN began hearing there is a Kuwaijah "white" couple living in Moti working with orphans.  They became very interested and paid us a visit.  They observed the classes and viewed the dormitory.  The group went back to their camp very pleased and excited about seeing the children's bright smiles and the quality of teaching they are receiving.   One Sudanese member commented through a smile, "There is no teaching happening like this in Torit." Our teachers have been trained in Zambia and use an experiential teaching method as opposed to the repetition and memorization teaching method that is used in most schools. 

"When you hear the "Boing" hop like a Kangaroo"!

Abigail singing to the top of her lungs!
Surprisingly, the next day, another group came to see the children and were also very pleased . . .  and the next day, ANOTHER group from the UN came to visit.  I began wondering, "Why all the attention from the UN suddenly?"  I concluded, word had spread throughout the camp and the UN is excited and wanted all their members to see Hope for Sudan. 

Kevin shared a few songs

Two ladies, part of one of the groups that visited, from Norway and the Netherlands, were very eager to tell us a Canadian UN police "is very good on guitar" and offered him to come play for the children.  He and the two ladies came "off duty" Thursday and played songs, danced, listened to the kids' songs, and played a large game of "Duck, duck, CHICKEN"! 
"Duck, duck, CHICKEN"

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  1. My heart is full of so much "WOW"! God is so amazing! I'm so excited about the changes that could be taking place in those precious children. Shalene, I would one day LOVE to come hug and kiss these children with you!
    Love Bethany