Saturday, November 12, 2011

Welcome Fall

In Alabama, fall has finally arrived. After two years, Shalene and I are thrilled to see our first cool weather. This past Sunday we enjoyed grilling hot dogs in a local park while Abigail picked up pretty fall leaves and stuffed them in the pockets of daddy's cargo pants. We have also found some great leaf peeping drives. My favorite was the drive up Alabama route 25 from Sylacauga to Leeds, AL. More than once Shalene looked at me and said, "This is just like the Blue Ridge Parkway". This is such a special time of year because in Sudan there is no 'cool' weather. There is only really hot and dry, or very hot and muggy. Nor could we enjoy the beauty of fall colors, everything just seems to sublimely go from green to brown before you realize a change has happened.

I am stepping into my new position as the field coordinator for Peru. Make Way Partners has sensed God calling for some time to engage in South America. Now we are preparing to send a young missionary couple to Peru to find indigenous partners at work fighting trafficking. Whitney has worked with Make Way Partners for four years, and her husband David recently joined our staff. They are preparing to leave for Peru in February. Every week, we meet together to prepare both for the logistics of their departure, but more importantly to prepare our hearts for the work we will be doing in Peru.

You can join us in prayer. Right now, we pray for the many logistical details that David and Whitney will face in moving. They will have to find housing, transportation, and begin many difficult processes with a foreign system.

In prayer for Shalene and I, you can join us in giving thanks for the grace and renewal that God has provided through the coming of Fall.

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