Thursday, February 4, 2010

Massie update from Torit, Sudan

Hello family and friends,

We have arrived safely to our new home in Torit!  Our truck has also arrived safely.  Hallelujah!   We were greeted at the airstrip by Phil and Linda Byler who are missionaries here.  They graciously gave us a place to stay for a few nights.  It has been nice to begin building community with them.  They are very excited to have a “granddaughter” here now. 

It hotter than normal here, but we are faring well.   Abigail seems to be adjusting.  I have to keep her well hydrated. 

Kevin, Romano, and some local men worked hard yesterday dragging our two 20ft. shipping containers off of the truck that we will use as storage.  They also worked hard unloading a 1 ton block making machine off of a truck.  In Sudan, there are no cranes.  So, we have to be creative using trees, manpower, and pullys to move heavy equipment.  It takes much longer than if we were to have the proper equipment, but they always find a way!

Today, we hope to begin setting up our tents and building shelter for some shade. Abigail and I hope to make our way to the market and buy food to cook our first meal on the Hope for Sudan compound.   

We are glad to be here and are very thankful for you all keeping up with us and praying! 

With love,

Kevin, Shalene, and baby Abigail

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