Friday, February 12, 2010

Massie Update


Here is a little update from our life here.  We do not yet have internet access, we are visiting some missionary friends and using theirs.  We will be getting it soon.   We are having some problems with our e-mail sending.  I have some e-mails sitting in my out box since Nairobi.  So, if I haven't responded to your e-mail, that is why.   Face book is a great tool to communicate right now!

We are SLOWLY getting settled.  Everything here takes much longer to do than normal.  Kevin was able to get a shelf set up for me in our bamboo kitchen.  It is a BIG step up from balancing our cook stove on a wheel barrow with a small sliver of shade beside our tent.  We now have a good shelter and a big ground mat for Abigail and some of our cooks children to play under.  I love our little kitchen.  It is wonderful to spread out our food and kitchen items and get unpacked.

Kevin has been VERY busy with the laborers on the compound staking out the lines for the fence for the orphanage, and coordinating many other tasks and people around the compound.  They will be putting up the fence soon.  Our bath house a latrine were just completed yesterday.  We are very thankful to have a place to bathe and "squat".   We also installed some wiring and lights yesterday.  So, last night we were able to sit around our tent and kitchen without bugs swarming our faces from our headlamps, and were able to see well!  We were very thankful for these little miracles!

We are excited about having Kimberly, Fred, and Matt (our team and Directors from Make Way Partners) coming to visit us for the weekend!  We also have our taxi driver friend from Nairobi that hopped on a plane we had coming for an unexpected visit.  It is nice to have visitors.

Continue to pray for our adjustments.  Abigail is starting to get adjusted to the heat.  It has been very hot.  The locals say that means the rains are coming early.  Pray for relationships and communication with the workers.  Pray for God's spirit to fill our compound and community!

Blessings and peace,

Kevin, Shalene, and baby Abigail


  1. thank you for the update! love you guys and praying!! :)

  2. Glad to see this and know you're safely there. It has been snowing quite a bit this week in Birmingham! Thinking of y'all in the heat actually makes me a bit jealous :) Praying for God to establish the work of your hands. -J