Sunday, April 11, 2010

Celebrating our risen Lord and the raising of Hope for Sudan!



The fence is almost complete and the first building is raised.

 We are happy to report that our fence is almost complete and we have raised the walls of our first building.  We will complete the gates to our fence and roof of our building upon receiving supplies on our next trucks.  The Hydraform blocks are working well and look really nice!  

Abigail will be our next builder!  She loves to watch the construction process and makes a great supervisor!

The Administrative building, our first building

Easter Celebration

Romano, our indigenous Director, gave the workers a Holiday Friday through Sunday to celebrate Easter.  He invited the workers, some community friends, and the village chief to an Easter feast.  We slaughtered a goat and had many dishes and soft drinks to share.           

It's amazing what feast can be prepared on a 3 rock fire!

Abigail helped prepare the meal . . .

and so did Mommy

The workers enjoyed playing board games together.

Romano, our indigenous Director, in red and orange.

Sudanese hand washing. . .they bring out the soap after the meal, to get the grease off.  

Serving the meal, big portions!

One of our watchmen, John

We enjoyed the meal and the fellowship of the workers.
Abigail is crawling and learning to stand, she will soon be walking.
Kevin greeted the guests and thanked them for coming
The chief of Moti encouraged and thanked the group for their hard work

We flew out of Sudan on April 6th to await the outcome of the Sudanese election.  We stayed the night in Lokichoggio, Kenya with MWP evangelist, Philip and his family.                     
Abigail enjoyed playing with Philip's 1 1/2 year old twins and his other 2 children.   
After we rested a night in Nairobi and went for a dentist appointment, we made our way to Lake Naivasha, Panorama Park.  We are enjoying a few days of rest and reflection as a family.  

The house we are staying in

Abigail enjoyed her dinner on the front porch watching the sunset.
More pictures of our time at the lake to come soon!

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  1. Hey Shalene,
    I'm so glad you guys have the ability to do this blog - what an amazing experience! I completely know what you mean by pit latrines, cooking on rocks, bumpy roads, mosquito nets, washing in tubs, etc! I'd say the bumpy roads were one of the hardest things for me to deal with on 23 hour bus trips in Kenya...especially when you have to pee!!! You're living the life! :) Little Abigail is going to grow up in such rich surroundings, what a blessing. I will continue to pray for you guys as you make your life there. May God bless your ministry and keep you safe!

    love, Tiffany