Friday, March 26, 2010

Under the Mango Tree

Kevin and I were discussing our blog and the significance of changing its name and the work here to develop this orphanage. We decided to change our blog name to “Under the Mango Tree”. 
            Mango trees are very significant in many ways.  They become a gathering place for people. Our blog represents a gathering place for people to enter in to our lives here in Sudan and the work of Hope for Sudan.
The trees are tall, big, and long lived. Not only do we have much land that God has given us, big and vast . . . our heart and God’s heart are BIG as we prepare to receive kids and build a LONG LIVED place for them to grow spiritually and physically. 
They are deeply rooted. We desire Hope for Sudan to be deeply rooted in God’s truth, character, and fruit for many years to come.
They produce sweet fruit.  Hope for Sudan will produce sweet fruit in the children.
Mangos have a mild sweet odor similar to the “Lily of the Valley”.  “Lilly of the Valley” is a symbol of humility.  Like Jesus in Phil. 2: 5-8, to do His work, we MUST empty ourselves, taking the form of a bondservant and humble our selves by becoming obedient to the point of death, to ourselves and our fleshly desires.  We desire to walk in humility and teach the children to walk in humility.
They provide shade for protection.  Hope for Sudan will be a place of protection and provision for those that are not forgotten. 
The fruit and leaves are traditionally used as floral decorations for public celebrations, religious ceremonies, and weddings.  Hope for Sudan is a celebration of life, provision, protection, growth, and peace!
            So, we hope that you will enjoy your visits with us “Under the Mango Tree”!

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