Monday, September 20, 2010

Continue to pray!

Romano and our Kenyan logistician Eugenio are leaving Nairobi tomorrow driving our Land Cruiser to Torit!  We have been waiting since January to have one for our compound.  Please pray for their safe journey and that the road from Torit to Moti would be dry enough for them to drive it to the compound.  That road may be the most difficult in the journey.  Also, continue to pray for Kevin and the guys trying to get the tractor out of the mud.  Kevin just called and said he and Thomas had a rainy motorcycle ride out to Makuru.  It has continued to rain making more mud and making their job more difficult.  The guys worked until dark to get the tractor out.  Kevin said he thinks they are close.  Hopefully. . .tomorrow!  The tractor is a vital part of our construction and remaining on schedule for building the first dormitory to take in kids in October.

Thanks for continuing to stand with us in prayer!



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