Saturday, September 25, 2010

Road Trip

Romano's wife and kids pose in front
We have been needing and waiting for a Land Cruiser since we arrived in February.  We purchased this one from Austria from a Catholic Trading group called BBM.   It just took a while to ferry it here.

Again, this was a miracle journey . . . and a challenge!  Eugenio, his wife Jane, an electrician to work with us here, and Romano left Nairobi after very carefully and securely packing and tying the cartons of supplies in and on top of the vehicle.   They even took very good care of a "Christmas Tree" that I had a man from the Masai tribe make for us out of banana fibers.  It is about 7' tall and posed to be a big challenge to wrap it for potential rain and pack it on top.  But, once again, a delicate piece for our house survived the long rough journey!   Abigail and I will enjoy making memories as we make decorations for it.

Eugenio and Jane stopped their 'Land Cruiser' journey at the border town to Sudan and Romano and Peter continued the journey to Torit.  We were getting reports along the way that they had made it further and further and then cleared both borders with no problems.  Romano said that just the day before the border patrol had not let anyone pass.  He chuckled that they arrived "just in time" and they were able to pass.  A God thing!

I asked Romano if they had encountered any rain on the trip.  They had a tarp over the supplies on top, but I was still concerned that some things may have gotten wet.  Again he chuckled and said, "No, people were laughing at us and couldn't believe it had not rained on us the whole way!"  But, they did get stuck in the mud and had to, literally, repair a rickety bridge by changing around the boards to drive across a river.  From the pictures the vehicle was tilted and I am surprised the boxes on top didn't slide off.  Romano said, "They were packed very well." . . . it took a while just to cut through all the rope to unpack everything.  

When they arrived to Torit, they called and Kevin and the guys jumped in the tractor (Praise God it is out of the mud) and went to meet the Land Cruiser.  Romano had to park it on the Torit side of the river, and Kevin parked the tractor on our side and they had to completely unload the Land Cruiser in a river of water and mud to the wagon to bring the supplies to the compound.  We have to keep the Land Cruiser in Torit until the rains end and the road is dry enough to bring it to our compound.  So, we patiently continue to wait for "good" transportation in Moti.

Thank you all again for your prayers.  I am convinced they are the only reason this trip was so smooth and your prayers have saved us much this week!