Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Opening Celebration of Hope for Sudan


Massies,  director Romano, dorm mother  Mary, and children

On Friday, we celebrated the opening of Hope for Sudan!   
Moti, the compound dog, guards the children.
The children watched in anticipation as Kevin and I decorated the dormitory.  Husbands and wives don't usually work together in this culture.  We take opportunities to try and model a Godly relationship of service and love. 

They all received new clothes for the celebration.  It was beautiful to see them modeling!

Marching, with their new chairs proudly on their heads, to the ceremony.  Guests and staff eagerly waited to honor them!



 Taking their places as the honored guests in the front row.

Our mission is not only to care for orphans but to provide jobs for widows.  Our dorm mothers are widows that, in this culture, have no hope of remarrying.  Therefore they have no one to provide for them. They are happy to have a new family and care for the orphans. Above is our dorm mother, Mary Amo and cook,  Itofa.

Kevin gave a greeting and shared our years of preparation and story of coming to Sudan.  The word amazing has been a theme in our marriage, with an AMAZING God bringing us together to do AMAZING work.  Now, it is AMAZING to see the fruitfulness!
Children led the way entering the gate with the community support behind them! 
Director Romano, pastor from African Inland Church, and  Minister of Education Peter dedicated the dormitory.
The minister of education, Peter, cut the ribbon.  He is a Christian and very supportive and willing to help us and give in any way he can.  He shared that he wants to help us find the "best"  Christian teachers.
After the ribbon cutting we had a little fun with an "over under" game using a balloon.  
We had teams of men, ladies, and children. Missionary, Phillip Byler, headed up the men's row.

The ladies in their skirts had a tough time putting the balloon through their legs.  The object of the game: LAUGH!  Mission accomplished!  
We presented a cake to the children.
The Lord has instructed us to care for His precious diamonds.  They are His treasure and a gift to us.  We symbolized this with the children cutting the cake, which is contrary to the culture.  The culture caters to the adults and the children are often treated as inferior.
In the evening, Kevin and I honored and thanked the workers who have left their families and come from Kenya to build Hope for Sudan.  They have worked hard and have a passion for protecting these kids!  They had a generous portion of, their favorite, Nyama choma (grilled meat). 

Make Way Partners has a child sponsorship program.  Our goal is to find sponsors for each child which will enable us to care for more children.   For an orphan, sponsors become family which not only financially cares for him or her, but also may be the only one to pray for him or her by name each day.  You or your church could become family to one of these children!  To find out more about child sponsorship, visit Make way Partner's website http://www.makewaypartners.org/

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  1. So, so exciting! Thank you so much for sharing about what God is doing there.