Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Our Diamonds have come!

 Opening of Make Way Partners' children's home
Hope for Sudan!

First time to enter the gate of Hope for Sudan!
Because of your prayers and generous support, we joyfully announce the arrival of our Diamonds!

The first Dormitory

At 7:00 in the evening on Sunday, I heard the sound of the land cruiser honking through the bush to enter the gates of Hope for Sudan for the first time as Romano, our compound Director, brought our FIRST group of children to live here!  I quickly grabbed my camera to try and capture the moment of these kids coming to their new home.  Our dorm mother, Mary Amo, our Kenyan workers, that have diligently worked to finish their home, and Kevin, Abigail, and I welcomed the children with open arms.  It was special to me to see the men pick up the kids as if they were their own!

Abigail greeting her new brothers and sisters

The first group greeting the second group

Our new family!

Romano showing their home

Welcome to your new home!

Mama Mary showing their beds.

Mary immediately stepped into her role and showed each child the first bed they have probably ever slept in. I could sense much emotion in them and one had tears running down his cheek.  In the exciting moment, my heart began to break as I know they were scared and sad to leave the only comfort they have ever known, though traumatic and harsh.

Proud Romano with "his" kid.

"Hey, I want to play with you".

Excited sis just kept greeting them!

Taking a drink.
On a bed for the first time.
The Kenyan workers, guards, Kevin, and Mary began to split fire wood to heat water for the children to bathe.  One child, 5 years old, quickly came out of the dormitory and dipped his head into the bucket of water to drink.  Romano told us he had to walk about 8 miles to reach where he was meeting Romano.  When Romano found him, he had fallen asleep on the road.   Exhausted and hungry they all fell asleep on their beds.


Plenty of food!

When dinner, complete with meat, arrived to the dormitory in the evening, Mary and Romano woke the kids up to eat.  They had been very quiet and shy upon arriving, but when the food came, they became hungry, vibrant children . . . the silence was broken!  They had never had meat before. One boy put a piece in his mouth, made a sour face, spit it out, and handed it to Mary.  With a chuckle, she took it.  He didn’t know what to do with this foreign food in his mouth.  

More children came Monday.  The boys were excited to try out the top bunks.  They had to be shown how to climb the steps on the end of the bed.  They proudly looked down at everyone as if they were really on top of the world! 

Abigail and I spent the afternoon playing with and observing the children interacting and watching the staff caring for them.  Mama Mary began right away teaching the children to wash their hands before they were served food and teaching them to wash their dishes.  As they sat eating, Mary led them in repeating their numbers and ABC’s in Arabic AND English.  They played a game of pointing to their facial features.  When they got the answer correct, they were told to sit under a shade tree as their reward.   They are learning quickly they will be loved, cared for, fed in plenty, and educated. 

Next group of kids having their first meal at Hope for Sudan.

They shared their food with Abigail.

Flowers Kevin brought and my cake.

The evening ended with sharing cake with the children to celebrate their arrival and singing a song they had learned in just their first day.  Unbeknown to them they came for my Birthday party too!   They were wonderful gifts for our (Kevin's on Wednesday)  Birthdays!  The children had full bellies with 2 BIG meals AND a BIG piece of cake. 
Telling the children about cake.

Helping Romano show it!

They were repeating the word "cake".

Romano enjoying a big piece and the leftovers!

Thank you all for doing your part to build the Kingdom of God! Visit Make Way Partners' website http://www.makewaypartners.org/  to learn of ways you can help bring more children to a safe and loving home.  Please pray for the children as they transition into their new life.  Pray for the staff as they care for and teach the children.  Continue to pray for Sudan in the upcoming referendum. 


  1. Cried when I read this. What joy to see these little ones where they can be safe and loved. I cannot imagine how you must feel. "Praise the LORD. Praise the LORD from the heavens, praise Him in the heights above." Psalm 148:1


  2. Thank you for sharing this. These pictures are breathtaking. Thank you for loving the Lord and showing Him in Sudan to all of these precious children. We love you guys and continue in prayer!

  3. This is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen! Thanks for posting this--and the pictures! Praise God for His Almighty GOODNESS!
    Keeping you all in prayer!

  4. This is so, so exciting! Congratulations, and may God bless this new beginning! I look forward to seeing what he does from here.

  5. Absolutely beautiful! What great birthday presents for you and Kevin. Im praying for you all this week as you adjust!

  6. This was the most moving and inspiring post I've read in weeks. I cannot wait to see pictures of these kids after they have been in your care for a year. The transformation will no doubt reflect Christ Himself. Prayers daily from one who hopes to take the same path one day in Kenya.

  7. Praise God! I had tears in my eyes as I read this..imagine the love and peace these children will experience like never before! You are truly caring for the widows and the orphans! I am encouraged and inspired.