Saturday, March 6, 2010

Massies on the Move!

Kevin and I appreciated Matt keeping Abigail for a few hours while he was here with us.  We took a ride through the bush on the motorcycle.  It was a great date!  We enjoyed a cold drink at a local hotel and time “away” to catch up. 
  We had “spur of the moment” visitors with us today.  Michelle Perry and Jenny Joy came by to meet us.   They are with Iris ministries and have started an orphanage in Yei, Sudan.  It was neat to have them in our kitchen and share tea and our heart for giving life, love, and home to orphans.
            Abigail had a play date with our compound cook’s son. As the babies sat in the floor playing, I listened to these women that work so hard to provide food for our laborers as well as take care of their own homes.   They shared their laughter and amazement of seeing Kevin cooking a meal recently.  They asked me to hold a seminar to model how I got my husband to cook for me.   I chuckled and said, “In our home, we work together sometimes on meals.  Kevin enjoys cooking and is very good at it.” 
           We are happily standing on the site for a future orphan home.  We have a beautiful view of the mountains behind us!   We look forward with joy and expectation as we dream about laughing children that will soon be occupying that space!
            Abigail was worn out after entertaining people today our tea times!  Then, she was up and helping mommy cook stir fry.  
            Please pray with us for the upcoming election on Sunday, April 11.  We will be flying to Nairobi on April 7 as a precaution during the election.  We will enjoy a brief respite on a lake for reflection and much needed time for our family and with God.  We will also be celebrating Abigail’s 1st birthday and taking her for her 1 year vaccinations. 

Kevin, Shalene, and Abigail


  1. I love hearing about how things are going for you in Africa. You all are an inspiration!