Thursday, March 25, 2010

Recieving mail

Many people have asked us if we can receive mail in Africa.  We can receive it through one of our MWP staff members in Kenya.   Send mail to. . .


Kevin and Shalene Massie

c/o Eugenio Kirima

P.O. Box 250-00521

Embakasi Village

Nairobi, Kenya


We can also receive mail at the MWP P.O. box in Alabama. . .


Make Way Partners

Attn: Kevin and Shalene Massie

P.O box 26367

Birmingham, AL 35260


Team members will be brining our mail over to us throughout the year.


We will fly into Nairobi on April 7 and plan on being there a few weeks.  We will return there periodically to get supplies, mail, and rest.  Please pray for our safe travels and for a peaceful election.




Kevin, Shalene, Abigail

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